What is Google Plus for Business?

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What is Google Plus for Business?

How to Start in an Online Business

Phase 3 – Step 16


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www google plus

What is Google Plus for Business?



OK. You have your Google+ Account set up, you have adjusted your Settings, you have also begun Following people and requesting them to Follow you, as well as, learned how to leave +1s and Comments. Now, you will learn:  What is Google Plus for Business? and how to create Circles for your Followers, as well as learn how to manage them efficiently, in order to get the most out of Google Plus for your Online Affiliate Marketing Business.


Organizing Your Circles


Google+ uses what they call ‘Circles’ to let you organize your Followers into groups. Circles are nothing more than Folders (which you can name whatever you want), that group specific Followers as you choose to. You can create a separate Circle for your Friends, another for your Family, etc.

Since you will not want to spend any more time than necessary, working with Google+, yet reap the benefits, there is a system that has been devised for creating Circles, and moving your Followers in and out of the appropriate ones as things progress (actually devised by another Wealthy Affiliate member). I believe you will find this very helpful. Using this system, will increase your organization, while lessening the time spent to do so, leaving you free to concentrate on creating more content for your site.


Let’s begin by understanding some of the limitations that Google has placed on Google+ Accounts.


Google+ Accounts Limits


So, let’s look briefly at the main Limits and at how we can manage our Account to make the best of it:

    • Daily Limit: This Limit is a bit hard to pin down. It seems to change, day to day, but is generally between 100 and 500 Followers per day that you can add to your Following List. You will have to wait 24 hours from the time that you get a notice from Google, that you have reached your Daily Limit, in order to add additional Followers.
    • Circle Limit: Each Circle supposedly has a limit of 1,000 Followers, although this does not seem to be a completely hard and fast rule.
    • Account Limit: Here is where it gets a bit difficult. You can supposedly only have a total of 5,000 people that you can Follow across your entire Google+ Account, no matter how many Circles your create. And as we all know, it is not unusual to have to Follow twice as many as will ever Follow you. So, under normal circumstances, we would expect to top out at around 2,500-3,000 people actually Following us.


That’s a significant limitation! So, how does this really affect you?


Ideally, if we can only Follow 5,000 people on our Account, then we would want those 5,000 to Follow us back. We would also want all 5,000 to +1 our posts, as well as leave us Comments and Re-Share our posts.

Ideally, yes we would, but realistically, this is not going to happen. Yet we can move significantly in that direction, by following this simple system:


Setting Up Your Circles for Maximum Efficiency


As I stated before, this system was designed by another Wealthy Affiliate member, who has chosen to share it with all of us. I think that it is a brilliant time saver, as well as a great Traffic producer. I use it myself, and I encourage you to use it as well.


First, this is how you create a Circle:

  1. In the Navigation Menu (on left), click on: ‘People‘.
  2. Click on:  ‘Following‘.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click on:  ‘NEW CIRCLE‘.
  5. Name your Circle, then click on: ‘CREATE‘.


You will now create Circles for: personal (family, friends, acquaintances), quarterly, annually and permanent (return the favor to your Followers that add +1s and Comments).

Begin by creating the following (3) Circles for the people that you know really well, and name them as follows:

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Acquaintances


I prefer to keep these people separate from the others that I am Following. Then, proceed as follows:

  1. Change the name of the general ‘Following’ Circle to: 3Q2017 (or whatever the previous quarter and year it is). You do this as follows:
    • (3) vertical dots on the far right.
    • Click on: ‘Circle Settings’.
    • Delete the existing name.
    • Key in the new name.
    • Click on: ‘Save’ (upper right corner).

Remember, these will be for the people that you are Following, not those who have you in their Circles.

2. Create a Circle for the current quarter (4Q2017 in my example. Every person I Follow during the current quarter will now go into this Circle.

3. Create an M2017 Circle (M is for Mutual – I Follow, and they are Following me back).

4. Finally, create one Permanent Circle named: +1 (this will be for anyone that +1 or Comments any of my posts).


You will continue to create Circles for each quarter as it comes up, as well as, annual Circles for each year.

(When you reach an Account Limit, then pull up each of your Circles under the ‘People’ tab in your Account, Scroll down and Delete any blanks (these are people who have dropped out of Google+ or have reached a certain level of inactivity). This will free up some room for you to work with.


Weekly, you should perform the following tasks, as well as continue to Add people that you Follow:

    • Click on: ‘People’.
    • Then, click on: ‘Followers’.
    • Scroll down the list and change/Add every Follower listed there to your M2017 (or current year) Circle (if they used to be in your quarterly Circle, uncheck that box and check the annual box). These are the people who have Followed you. Make sure that you are also Following them back.
    • Every time another person Follows you (whether you are getting alert emails or finding them directly in your Google+ Notifications), Add (or change) them to your M2017 Circle.
    • Every time you get an email alert or Notification on your Google+ Account that someone has +1’d one or more of your posts or Commented on a post, make sure they are Added (or changed) to the +1 Circle (if they used to be in your annual Circle, uncheck that box and check the +1 box).
    • Clicking on the number next to the +1 in a post, and then clicking on the:  ‘View activity’ Link, brings up a list of those who have +1’d that post. Occasionally check through your posts to make sure that everyone who has +1’d you, have been changed to that Circle.


Quarterly Circles:  Only run 2 Quarterly Circles at one time. The current quarter which you are Adding to and the previous quarter which is now closed to new additions.

+1 people in both, as well as try to leave at least a Comment or two for each. If they Follow you back, they are transferred to the current Annual Circle (M2017 in this example). If they +1 your posts or left a Comment, then they are moved to the Permanent +1 Circle. Make sure that you respond in like kind when receiving a +1 and/or a Comment. Also, be sure to reply to every Comment received.

When you open a new 1Q2017 Circle, you will close the 4Q2106 Circle to new additions and Delete the 3Q2106 Circle.

In other words, if someone does not bother to Follow you back or +1 any of your posts for 2 quarters worth of time, then they are not doing you any good, so you can free that space to Add someone who will Follow you and +1 you.


Annual circles:  Do not expect to ever have to eliminate an Annual Circle (people who have Followed you back, but never +1’d any of your posts), based on my current experience…the quarterly Circles should be adequate to eliminate the ‘dead wood’, but just in case, it is nice to have a back up option.

When 2018 rolls around, you will keep the M2017 Circle, but close it to new additions and begin Adding to a M2018 Circle. You will also be making a point to drop those who have left Google + or are inactive (the blank boxes in the Circles lists).


While this system will save you time, it will still take time to keep up with. If your time is limited, and you must choose between creating content or keeping up with Google+, always create content. This will be your bread and butter. However, when possible, try to spend at least an hour or two, two to three times a week working with Google+.

This system acts like a sales funnel, moving people in your Circles from Follower to Mutual Follower, and from Mutual Follower to +1’ers, while at the same time keeping those who are not active in Google+ from gumming up the works.


You can also join Communities that are related to your Niche or those that may likely be sources to sell your type of products to. Make sure that you turn the Notifications toON’ when you join each of them. You do this as follows:

  1. Open the Community you want to change Notification Settings for.
  2. Click the ‘Menu’ Icon .
  3. Click on: ‘Community Settings’.
  4. Use the Switch next to: ‘Get notified about new posts’ to turn Notifications on or off.


Then, just Follow the ones that are actively posting when you get Notifications or Email Alerts (you can also Add the people that actively respond to their posts. They are usually the best bet to end up in your +1 Circle).

There are also, other Social Media sites that you can also work with down the road, but for now, concentrate on Google+ and continue to create great Keyword Rich Content on a weekly basis. Remember to always research Keywords, find the best ones, include them in your Title and first paragraph, add a few Affiliate Links to your new content, and include at least one Image in each new post. Working consistently at this system will begin to produce results over time.


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Now, go to my next PostHow to Sign Up With Google Analytics – Phase 3 – Step 17.


Thank you,

CJ Dodaro


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