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List Personal Accomplishments

How to Start in an Online Business

Phase 3 – Step 10


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Make Progress Report

When to Review Progress


The Importance of a Good Foundation


You are really doing well so far, if you have been following my posts, step-by-step, and applying what you have learned as you go along. You may be asking the question: When Should I Review Progress? Now would be a good time to take a moment to List Personal Accomplishments to date. By now, you should have completed the following:

Phase 1

    • Chosen your Business Field and your Niche
    • Chosen your Domain Name and your Host
    • Chosen your WordPress Theme for your site and set it up
    • Set up your Domain Email, New User, and Gravatar
    • Chosen your Theme, activated some Plugins, and optimized your site for SEO


Phase 2

    • Chosen and set up your Business Structure
    • Set up your Home Office and learned about the Home Office Tax Deduction
    • Learned how to Create and Format Spreadsheets
    • Set up your Bookkeeping, along with Templates
    • Learned how to Depreciate Assets for the best Tax Deductions
    • Created a complete Business Plan


Phase 3

    • Designed your Logo
    • Learned about Keywords
    • Created some Initial Pages and Created Menus on your site
    • Joined  Wealthy Affiliate Premium  in order to benefit from the Training
    • Created several Posts
    • Learned how to add Images to your content and installed them


This has been no small feat! You have definitely been working hard, and accomplishing a great deal!

Nice Job!


If there is anything on that list that you have failed to complete, now would be a good time to go back and finish that task. You are going to need to focus all of your attention on the upcoming steps and tasks, so that you can begin earning money for all of your efforts. I can not stress this enough:  it is very important to have your foundation completed before proceeding, or things will get a bit muddled down the road.

I tell you this from experience. When I created my first website, I tried to hurry things along, because I really, really, wanted to start earning some Income. I skipped over some Steps, with the intention to go back and complete them later, and I found myself somewhat confused at times. There was a lack of complete order to what I was doing, and as a result, my cheating, or lack of proper completion for a better term, caused me to build a site that had plenty of content, but was not producing much Income. My desire to quickly begin creating Income was actually severely hampered by not building my foundation correctly.


Eventually, I had to go back over everything that I had done, make the necessary corrections, complete the Steps that I missed, and get on the right track. I do not want to see this happen to you. It is frustrating, time-consuming, and unnecessary. Just stay on track, complete each lesson completely, before you go on to the next. It is the only way that you will be successful in this or any other business.

You can liken this Training to building a house. You want your dream home, complete with all of the niceties that you can dream of. Yet, if you do not put in a solid foundation, the most wonderful home that you could possibly imagine will soon come crashing down if your foundation has not been built and put together correctly.


Please, I urge you not to make this mistake. Learn from mine.


It would be a good time to go back through the lessons that you have learned so far, skimming through each, in order to make sure that you have not missed anything, and that everything has been thoroughly completed. We are going to be picking up the pace here, and focusing on creating Income, so there will be little, if any, time in the future to go back and fix things that should already be in place, without taking away from reaching your goals and reaping success. ‘Build it and they will come’, but build it correctly.


Once you have completed your Review, and you are fully satisfied that everything to date has been completed, then, see my next Post:  How to Join an Affiliate Program – Phase 3 – Step 11.


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Thank you,

CJ Dodaro


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