What It Is – The Rewards

What It Is - The Rewards

What It Is – The Rewards

How to Start in an Online Business

Phase 3 – Step 21


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What It Is - The Rewards

What It Is – The Rewards


When you begin seeing some Commissions from your efforts in building and promoting your Online Affiliate Marketing Website, you might say to yourself or someone else:  ‘Hey’ ‘What It Is – The Rewards!’ It is a good feeling that all of your hard work has not been in vain! So, what’s next? Just sit back and let the money start rolling in? Absolutely NOT!


Stay On The Path, Grasshopper


It’s fine to take a day or two off and enjoy the first fruits of your labors, but once you are refreshed, you need to get back on that horse and ride like the wind! Revisit your document: My Online Business and review the initial Goals that you set before Preparing Your Business Plan. Maybe it was to have financial freedom, travel, or be able to quit your 9 – 5 job and spend more time with your family. Whatever your Goals were, have you fully achieved them? I think not. So you are just beginning, my friend. The race is far from over!

Now is the time to check why these few successes have happened. Was it just a fluke, or can you glean something from them and repeat it, over and over again? Was is that the content was better; more engaging? Was it the Images that were used? Better Keywords? Where did the Traffic come from? What exactly was it? How can I use the answers to these questions to better my website and capitalize on these successes?


Once you can answer those questions, and pinpoint the reason for your success, you may need to go back through all of your other, less successful posts, and make some adjustments. Tweak them to match your successful posts, whether adjusting your content, adding Images, or using better Keywords, and then create your new posts using that same Format. This is how you will begin to capitalize on your initial success, and recreate it, over and over again. You should always be striving to improve your website and your content to increase your Rewards.


You should also, visit your Google Analytics Account, and see what you can learn there. If necessary, revisit my last PostGoogle Web Analytics  in order to see what areas are most likely to provide you with information.

Do not forget about your Google + Account. Are you posting on there daily? Are you +1ing and leaving Comments on other’s Accounts, so that they will return the favor to you? Social Media can be a very powerful Traffic driver!


In Phase 4 of this Training, you are going to learn how to use some of the other popular Social Media outlets, like: Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, in order to drive even more Traffic to your site and increase your Rewards.


Congratulations on Your Success So Far! Keep Posting New Content!


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When you are ready, see my next Post:  How to Create a Facebook Account and Learn How to Use It – Phase 4 – Step 1.


Thank you,

CJ Dodaro


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