What is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Legitimate Online Businesses

What is Wealthy Affiliate For?


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Legitimate Online Businesses

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Who is Wealthy Affiliate?


Before I answer the question: “What is Wealthy Affiliate For?”, I would like to start by answering the question: “Who is Wealthy Affiliate?” Wealthy Affiliate is a company started in 2005, by it’s current owners, Kyle and Carson. It originally began as a simple Keyword Tool Platform (Jaaxy) and quickly evolved into the company that it is today.


Wealthy Affiliate is currently the top Affiliate Marketing Training website in the world. It boasts a membership of over a million members, and is truly a one-stop-shop for building a website and learning how to efficiently run it, in order to work from Home and make money in Affiliate Marketing.


So, What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate Marketing is where a business offers it’s Affiliates rewards (commissions) based on revenue brought to them. In essence, you as the Affiliate, create informative Content or an unbiased Review of a product related to your Niche, incorporate Affiliate links to that product in your Content, and when a visitor clicks on one of those links, they are directed to that Program’s product. If the visitor makes a purchase on their site, whether that product or another, you will receive a commission. Nearly every successful company has an Affiliate Program, so there are companies with products available for just about every Niche imaginable.

Affiliate Programs are always FREE to join, and there are even Affiliate Networks out there, with each one managing thousands of companies. To learn more about Affiliate Programs and Affiliate Networks, click here: How to Join an Affiliate Program


What is Wealthy Affiliate For?


Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone interested in learning how to earn money, working from Home with their own website, working with Affiliate Programs to promote their products. Wealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive program, which is FREE to join, will provide you (2) FREE websites, provide you with FREE Hosting for those sites, as well as, complete Training on how to build those sites from scratch, and teach you everything that you need to know in order to build those sites into successful Online Affiliate Marketing Businesses.

Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone willing to work hard, as you would need to in any business that you were going to start. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme, nor is it a set-it-and-forget-it type of program. It is designed to show people how to make legitimate money online, with your own work-from-Home business, by posting relevant, quality content, on a regular basis.


In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate has the best Training on the planet, along with an amazing Support Team to assist you with any problems that you may encounter. It also has a very Pay-it-Forward Community of experienced entrepreneurs who are willing to answer all of your questions in Live Chat.


You do not need to tech-savvy, nor do you need to be an expert author in order to succeed. You just need to be honest, be willing to work hard, and have the time and ability to apply the easy-to-follow, Step-by-Step Training to your websites on a regular basis.

Since, Wealthy Affiliate is FREE to join, I strongly suggest that you give it a try. I do not think that you will be disappointed. There is no credit card info required to sign up, and once you do sign up, you can really see everything that they have to offer.

If you have some consistent time available on a regular basis (amount of time not that important), and are interested in learning how you can start your own online business and become extremely successful over time, then I encourage you to give it a go.


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Best of Luck to You in All That You Do!


Thank you,

CJ Dodaro


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