Best Way to Make Money Online

Best Way to Make Money Online is With Affiliate Marketing

Best Way to Make Money Online


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Best Way to Make Money Online is With Affiliate Marketing

Best Way to Make Money Online


What Is the Best Way to Make Money Online?

Quite simply:  Affiliate Marketing.


What is Affiliate Marketing?


Perhaps the simplest way to explain Affiliate Marketing is that it is the Best Way to Make Money Online, whereby you as a publisher of a website you have built, create informative Posts and/or Reviews (blog) about specific products in a designated Niche, in order to promote those products offered by various Affiliate Programs. You sign up for those Affiliate Programs, and when you are accepted, those companies provide you with specific Links that you add to your Content. When someone clicks on a Link, they are directed to that Affiliate Program’s site, and if they purchase something from them, that Affiliate Program will pay you a Commission on the sale.


How Many Affiliate Programs are There?


There are literally hundreds of thousands of Affiliate Programs in the USA alone, and hundreds of thousands more worldwide. In North America alone, there are over 170 Affiliate Networks, each representing thousands of individual Affiliate Programs. Plus, there are hundreds of thousands more small Affiliate Programs who may only offer individual products for their Program, like an e-book or other product.

Each of these larger Affiliate Programs carry anywhere from tens of thousands of products to hundreds of millions of products. ( alone, carries almost 400 million products.) So, as you can see, there is no limit to the types of products that you could promote. And the best thing is, when you become an Affiliate to any of these Programs, and post a Link to one of their products, and someone clicks on that Link, if they buy anything at all on the website from that Affiliate Program, you will receive a Commission.


So, What Exactly is the Process?


How can you cash in on some of this? Well, that is a little more complicated. There are many necessary components to becoming truly successful in this type of business. Some of them are as follows:

    • Build and setup a Website (with an appropriate .com Domain is best).
    • Choose a Niche (an area where you are either very knowledgeable or passionate about).
    • Find relevant, quality products for your chosen Niche.
    • Join and be accepted to the Affiliate Programs that carry those products.
    • Write Keyword rich, interesting Content and/or Reviews relating to the products that you wish to promote.
    • Get Indexed on Google, Bing, etc., and get your Content Ranked well.
    • Drive Traffic to your website using Social Media and other ways.
    • Build trust with your readers.
    • Have a readership who is in a ‘buying mood’.


Where Can I Find the Training to Accomplish This?


There are two ways that you can do this:

1. You can spend tons of time on the internet, researching every aspect of what is involved, sort out the good advice from the not-so-good, learn how to apply each aspect (more research) and hopefully become successful after investing a huge amount of time and effort. However, all the information is out there for free if you have nothing but time to spend and are in no hurry to make money.


2. Find a website that offers all the needed step-by-step Training and information in order to accomplish this in a relatively quick and easy way.


If you choose way #1, I wish you well, and hope that you do not get too frustrated in your quest.


However, if you choose way #2, I can point you in the right direction! Not only that, I can show you where you can begin acquiring this information and Training for FREE!


Your search begins and ends at:  Wealthy


Wealthy Affiliate

Who are They and What Do They Have to Offer?


Wealthy Affiliate  is a company that has been around since 2005. It currently boasts a membership of over 800,000 entrepreneurs, ranging in age from preteens to well matured adults. This proves that you are never too young or too old to learn.

Constantly evolving, Wealthy Affiliate upgrades it’s Training constantly to keep up with the latest trends and the ever progressing internet. Wealthy Affiliate is a company like no other. Their Training is the best there is. It is done in an easy to learn and understand, step-by-step process, complete with video Training of all sorts.


Wealthy Affiliate offers you two different programs:  FREE or PREMIUM

Both programs provide you with the Training and Tools to do the following:

    • Understand How to Make Money Online
    • 7 Days of Live Help and 1-on1 Training
    • Help with Choosing an Appropriate Niche
    • 2 Free Sub-Domain Names and Free Hosting for Both
    • Help to Build and Setup Your Website
    • Get Your Site Setup for SEO (search engine optimization)
    • Learn Keyword Usage Training for Better Rankings
    • Help in Creating Some Initial Pages on Your Website

All the above is FREE, and you can remain FREE forever if you like. You will continue to keep your 2 FREE Websites and receive the FREE Hosting. However, after the first 7 days, and the InitialTtraining provided, you will have to resort back to #1 (above) in order to continue learning through your own research. Which, as I have previously stated, can all be found for FREE on the internet, if you are willing to have the patience and spend a ton of time researching things on your own.


Or, you can sign up for the  Premium  package at  Wealthy Affiliate  which will provide tons of additional Training and Tools in order to speed up the process of getting yourself on your way to earning a good income and eventually becoming completely successful with a full time online income and more.


What is Included in Wealthy Affiliate Premium?


In addition to all the items included in the FREE version,  Wealthy Affiliate Premium  offers you the following:

  1. Unlimited 24-7 Live Help through the Live Chat area as well as Technical Support.
  2. 1-on-1 answers to any questions that you might have. The ability to Private Message not only the seasoned members which you will come to know, but the owners, Kyle & Carson as well, and receive quick answers to your questions.
  3. 25 FREE Websites plus 25 of your own Domain Websites (instead of just the 2 FREE Sites that you get with the FREE version). The only thing you pay extra for is the Domain Names which you purchase, which are currently $13.99 annually for each, if you purchase them through Wealthy Affiliate, or you can purchase them elsewhere and have them pointed to the Wealthy Affiliate servers for no extra charge.
  4. FREE Hosting for all of your Sites.
  5. FREE SSL Security, Spam Blocker, and SiteSpeed included for all Sites.
  6. Unlimited searches with WA’s own Keyword Research Tool.
  7. Unlimited Access to all of the Training including Live Video Classes:
    • (5) Levels of Certification Courses
    • (7) Phases of Affiliate Bootcamp
    • (13) Affiliate Classrooms.
    • Thousands of specific Training Blogs embellishing on different aspects of the Training.

8. Additional 1-on-1 Help From Me, answering your questions and pointing you in the right direction for specific Training.


All the Training that you could possibly hope for, and definitely more than you will need to be completely successful in earning a full time excellent income online.


How Much Does the Premium Package Cost?


The cost is a lot less than you would expect for all that is included. If you upgrade to  Premium  within the first 7 days of initially signing up to  Wealthy Affiliate,  you will get the 1st month for $19.00, in order to let you see firsthand all that you will be getting for your money. After that, it is only $49.00 per month (about 1.65 per day) or you can choose the yearly membership for $359.00 per year (less than 1.00 per day).

There are no other costs or upsells, other than the aforementioned costs of Domain Names.


So, Where Do I Sign Up to Join Wealthy Affiliate?


You can do so right here. Just click on this Link:  Free Version of Wealthy Affiliate

Once you sign up, I encourage you to complete your profile immediately, by adding a picture of yourself (or whatever you like), as well as tell a little about yourself. This will introduce you to the WA community and help them get to know you, and in turn, will provide you better help and assistance as you proceed through the Training.

Remember, you can always contact me at any time for assistance. I will always be glad to help. You may email me directly at:



Please leave a Comment or ask Questions in the Comments section below.


Thank you for your time, and I wish you the best success in all that you do!



CJ Dodaro



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