What is a Call to Action For?

Call to Action

What is a Call to Action For?


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Call to Action

What is a Call to Action For?


What is a Call to Action For? Quite simply, it is to get the visitors to your site to perform some action. This might be:

    • Subscribe to your monthly newsletter
    • Provide an email address in order to get a Freebie
    • Purchase a product
    • Subscribe to an e-course
    • Add an item to their shopping cart
    • Send a message
    • Check out an e-book
    • Visit a website
    • See another post for more information
    • Etc.


We Have Been Taught to Act All of Our Lives


It’s great to provide people with information, but you need to tell them specifically what to do next. From a young age we are all told what to do. ‘Eat you vegetables’, ‘wash your hands and face‘; ‘go brush your teeth’, etc.

We go to school, and the teacher takes over: ‘open your books to page…’, ‘for tonight’s homework, I want you to …’, etc. When we begin working, the boss tell us: ‘be to work by 9:00 a.m.’, ‘I need this report on my desk by the end of day’, or ‘I need you to call so-and-so and tell them …’.

Most people will comply. Why? Because they have been taught from an early age, there are consequences if you do not and sometimes, rewards if you do. The majority of people need to be told what to do or they will not usually do it on their own. Be not afraid. You are not going to offend anyone.


Provide a FREE Extra if They Comply


Sometimes, people are more enticed to comply if there is something extra in it for them. You can use Freebies to entice people to complete a Call to Action. Tell them: ‘sign up for my Monthly Newsletter and you will receive this FREE Report or FREE eBook.

You can tell them: ‘see this website for the best deals on these products’ or ‘click this link to see my other post for more info’. Provide them easy access for what you want them to do. Either provide a link that they can click on, or a button, or a banner, or a photo, etc. What you use will depend on the Call to Action. If you want your visitor to go to another post or website, it is easy to incorporate a link into your text. If you are trying to get them to sign up for your Monthly Newsletter, a button will probably work best. When you need to direct them to a particular site carrying a specific product or service, then I would use a banner or a photo.

Remember that your Call to Action should always be relevant to your content. If you are giving them information on the best Power Washer to purchase, you do not want to provide them with a link to a Compound Miter Saw for them to check out.


Authority versus Suggestions


There are proper times to be authoritive and other times to be simply suggestive in your Call to Action. If you are merely offering additional information in another post that you wrote, which may not necessarily apply to everyone, then a suggestive Call to Action is fine. This might be something like: ‘if you need more information about exactly how to service a particular product, see my post: …’.

More often then not, an authoritive Call to Action will work best, such as: ‘for the best product at the best price, click on this link’ or ‘sign up now for my Monthly Newsletter, and for a limited time, I am offering you a FREE eBook’. If you merely are suggestive here, such as: ‘sign up for my Monthly Newsletter anytime and I will provide you with a FREE eBook‘, this will tell people that is not really urgent that they do this now, so they will probably not, and then, when they are finished reading your content, they may never return to your site.


In Closing


Without a Call to Action, visitors may read your informative content, but will not necessarily know what to do next, so they will simply leave your site. Give them something to do, and then reward them for their efforts. Give them the additional information that they are looking for, or point them to the best product to purchase at the best price, in order to solve their problem. Call to Actions will make or break your site. Use them regularly and often, as long as they are relevant to your content. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results.


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CJ Dodaro


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