What is Google’s Page Rank Checker?

What is Google Page Ranking?

What is Google’s Page Rank Checker?

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What is Google Page Ranking?

Understanding Indexing and Page Ranking in Google


Now, you will learn:  What is Google’s Page Rank Checker? and what it means for your site and your content. Let’s first begin by defining the terms:

    • Indexed – When your site, page, or post has been Indexed by Google, it means that it has been found and recognized.
    • Ranking – Ranking is the placement of your site, page, or post in the search page results.


 The Google Algorithm


Nobody fully understands the Google Algorithm, and for very good reason. Google does not want to allow people to manipulate results when it comes to Ranking. However, they can not hide everything, so here are a few points that are known to be used by Google to Rank websites:

    • Click-Through Rate & Bounce Rate
    • Site Age
    • Backlinks
    • Cross-Linking
    • Content Quality
    • Competition
    • Growth Rate


I will discuss each of these areas as follows:

Click-Through Rate & Bounce Rate


Google calculates the Click-Through Rate as a percentage, reflecting the number of clicks you receive from the total number of people searching for that particular phrase that you Rank for. The higher the percentage, the more appealing your listing is compared to your Competition. If your Click-Through Rate is higher than everyone else’s, Google will slowly start moving you up the search engine results page as this Algorithm Factor tells it that searchers prefer your listing.

Google also looks at your Bounce Rate. They assess the number of people who leave your page by hitting the back button to return to the search listing page. If Google sends 1,000 people to one of your web pages and each of those 1,000 people hit the back button within a few seconds, it tells Google your web page isn’t relevant. Therefore, you will Rank lower in the search results. This is one of the items that can be checked in your Google Search Console.

If you recently Verified your site for Google and Bing, you will need to wait a few days for the results to show. Ideally, you want a high Click-Through Rate and a low Bounce Rate.


Site Age


One of the big factors that cause some sites to Rank well is their age. Most of the sites that Rank high are at least a few years old. You take a brand new website, build tons of relevant links, and add high quality content, you still will not get as much search Traffic as older sites will.

There is not much you can do here other than just give it time. The older your site gets, the more search Traffic you will generally receive, assuming you are continually trying to improve it.




Backlinks are Hyperlinks that point back to your website from another online resource, such as a web page, blog, forum, app, video, social network, or other source. Each Backlink serves as a ‘vote‘ in favor of a resource. If a site is popular, valuable, and useful by many people, there will be many Backlinks pointing to it. This helps a search engine Rank that site higher than other competing websites.

It is not the number of Backlinks that matters. It is there relevancy, authority, and source. Google is able to look at the source that is linking to you and Analyze the Text around the link, as well as the Text on the page. It helps Google determine if the link is relevant to your site and if you should potentially Rank well for it.




Even if you do not have a ton of Backlinks, you can Rank well from an overall site perspective if you Cross-Link your pages. If you add relative, internal Links, linking one of your pages or posts to another on your site, you will find that this will increase their Rankings.


Content Quality


Google can determine the content quality of websites. It can determine whether a site is too thin or has duplicate content. It compares your content quality to your Competitors. So if you have higher quality content than your Competition, you are much more likely to Rank higher than them.




The beautiful part about Ranking well for certain Keywords is that they are low in Competition. Yet, this is only advantageous, if the Keywords not only have low Competition, but also, a high number of Search Queries.


Growth Rate


Google is smart. You can not fool it, so do not even try. If try to grow your link count a bit too fast, Google will recognize it, and it will hurt, rather than help your Rankings. Grow at a natural, normal, pace versus one that seems manufactured. Do not inundate your site with an enormous amount of links, whether, Backlinks or Internal Cross-Links. Just write good quality content naturally. Do not Keyword stuff either. These tactics will only hurt you in the long run.




Do not focus so much on your Competition. Focus on improving your site. In the long run, the company or site with the best products and/or services will win out in the end. Become an Authority, produce good quality informative content on a regular basis, and you will get your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, eventually. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Do not become discouraged. Keep plugging along. Remember, the tortoise won the race, not the hare!


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