What is a Domain Email Address?

Set Up a Domain Specific Email Address

What is a Domain Email Address?


How to Start in an Online Business

Phase 1 – Steps 9 thru 12


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Set Up a Domain Specific Email Address

Set Up a Domain Specific Email Address


You are doing well so far. Now you will complete the last four Steps in Phase 1:

    • Step 9:  Setup a Domain Specific Email
    • Step 10:  Create a New User
    • Step 11:  Create a Gravatar Account
    • Step 12:  Setup Your SEO


So, What is a Domain Email Address? Quite simply, it is a specific email address that includes your domain name, such as:  support@(yourdomainname.com). You can create multiple domain specific email addresses if you:

  • own your own domain
  • are a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate
  • have your site Hosted at Wealthy Affiliate


You can set up these email addresses as follows:


Setup a Domain Specific Email:  Phase 1 – Step 9


*** The following Training coincides with the Wealthy Affiliate Certification Training (green tab on the left after you log in):  Level 2 – Lesson 4. You can view that Training  HERE


You must have your site Hosted at  WealthyAffiliate  in order to create Domain Specific Email Addresses on the  WealthyAffiliate  platform. If you do not have your site Hosted there, it simply will not work. Also, you can only create Domain Specific Email Addresses for Domain Names that you own. They can not be created for the Siterubix Sub-Domains. You can create multiple Domain Specific Email Addresses for each of your websites, if you so desire. They will all be managed on the  WealthyAffiliate  platform.


A Domain Specific Email is one that includes you Domain Name in the address. It can be yourname@yourwebsite.com or admin@yourwebsite.com or support@yourwebsite.com etc.

Creating a New Domain Specific Email is important for your business. It will help build confidence with you site’s visitors. They will see you as more professional by not sending them to your personal Email Address in order to contact you.

Also, it is important to keep business and personal Emails separate in order to make sure that you respond promptly to each and every business Email that you receive. It’s ok if you only check your personal Emails once a week, but business Emails should be checked a minimum of every day, and whenever possible, several times a day is even better. Quick responses to any questions that your visitors have shows that you care and will keep them coming back to your site.


One of the perks in being a  Wealthy Affiliate Premium  member is the ability to easily setup a Domain Specific Email on the  WealthyAffiliate  platform and be able to access it right from the site.


  1. Create a New Domain Specific Email as follows:
  • Siterubix tab > Site Manager > Site Email Link (top right).
  • Click on:  ‘choose a domain’ button.
  • Then, click on:  ‘Add New Email Address’ button and key in your Email Address (no domain)
  • Click the:  ‘Create’ button.


2. Access your Email Addresses as follows:

  • Siterubix tab > Site Manager > Site Email Link (top right). This brings up a list of all of your Domain Specific Email Addresses that you have.
  • Click on the ‘Password’ button next to the Email Address that you want to access, and Copy it.
  • Click on the ‘Login to WebmailLink next to the account that you are accessing.
  • Key in your User Name.
  • Paste your Password into the appropriate window.
  • Click on the ‘Login’ button.


Create a New User:  Phase 1 – Step 10


*** The following Training coincides with the Wealthy Affiliate Certification Training (green tab on the left after you log in):  Level 2 – Lesson 8. You can view that Training  HERE


Creating a New User for your site will allow for personalization when replying to Comments, by using your name rather than simply ‘Admin’, which is not very personable. Your visitors are going to want to connect to you, not some random ‘Admin’.

  • Click on:  Siterubix tab > Site Manager > Log in button > Login Now button to access your backroom Dashboard for your website.
  • Hover over ‘Users’, then, click on:  ‘Add New’.
  • Fill in all of the information. Either use your first name or a pen name, whichever you plan to use for branding on your Website.
  • Select:  ‘Administrator’ for your Role. This is important, since this will allow you full access to make any necessary changes on your site.
  • Click on:  ‘Add New User’ button. Your password will be automatically generated. You will not really need your password to Login to your Dashboard on the  WealthyAffiliate  platform. You will simply use the first step here.


Once you have created your New User, you can add some additional information to your Profile. Do this as follows:

Hover over ‘Users’ in the Dashboard, and click on:  ‘My Profile’.

Complete and/or edit the information asked for. Some information is required, others are not. For those that are not required, you can choose to leave any of the areas blank, if you choose to do that.

Use your Domain Specific Email Address that you created.

You can also add a Gravatar picture, which is explained in the next section, below.

Click the ‘Update Profile’ button when you are finished.


Create a Gravatar Account:  Phase 1 – Step 11


A Gravatar is a “globally recognized avatar” stored by  Gravatar.com  and is automatically associated with your Email Address by Blogs and Web Forums.

Having a Gravatar can save you a lot of time and trouble decoratively identifying your posts on blogs and other sites. It can also be an important part of ‘branding you‘, helping people to instantly spot your online identity across different Forums and sites. It will also be shown when you respond to Comments on your posts.


Create your Gravatar as follows:

  • Visit  http://gravatar.com  to sign up.
  • Follow the instructions on the site. (Click on ‘Help‘ on top, if you need it.)
  • Use your Domain Specific Email Addresses that you created.


Setup Your SEO:  Phase 1 – Step 12


*** The following Training coincides with the Wealthy Affiliate Certification Training (green tab on the left after you log in):  Level 1 – Lesson 6. Click  HERE  to review it.


Setup All in One SEO as follows:

  • Click on:  ‘All in One SEO’ (in your Dashboard) > General Settings.
  • Leave the ‘General Settings’ section as is.
  • In the ‘Home Page’ section, add your ‘Home Title’, ‘Home Description’, and ‘Home Keywords’.


1. Home Title:  Use your site’s name (no .com) – your Tag Line.

This is the title that the search engines will display in their search results as the Link to your site so it’s important to keep this simple (60 characters or less) and relevant.

2. Home Description:  Describe the main purpose of your site or exactly what it is about.

This is the description that the search engines will display in their search results, it will show beneath the title in search results. Keep the description short (160 characters or less) and relevant (real sentences, not crazy Keyword combinations).

3. Home Keywords:  Use the most important words in regards to your site and area of expertise. No capitalization, proper spacing between words in each Keyword, followed by a comma after each, but no spacing between the comma and the next Keyword.

It is tempting to go overboard and add hundreds of possible word combinations, but try to keep the amount of Keywords you use to a reasonable level.


  • In the ‘Use Static Front Page Instead’ leave as is, if you want your ‘Home Page’ to display your posts in a Blog Roll. (You will set additional settings for this shortly.)
  • If you prefer to have your ‘Home Page’ setup as a ‘Static Front Page Instead’, then it will display that page as you wish to create it, without displaying your posts as a Blog Roll. Instead, you will be creating ‘Categories’ in a ‘Side Bar Widget Area’ later on.


For this type of setup, you will first need to complete the following steps:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Reading’ (in your Dashboard) and tick: ‘A static page (select below)’. Leave the other areas as is for now.
  2. Go back to ‘All in One SEO’ (in your Dashboard) > General Settings. In the section: ‘Use Static Front Page Instead’, tick the ‘Enabled’ box. If you enable this option, the Home Title, Home Description and Home Keywords fields will be hidden. You can now edit your Static Home Page and use the All in One SEO Pack boxes on that page to control your SEO (These areas will be found below the end of that Page after you create it.).
  • In the ‘Title Settings’ area, change the ‘pipes’ ( | ) into ‘dashes’ ( – ) in the following areas only:

Page Title FormatthruSearch Title Format’. Make sure that you only change the
pipes’ ( | ) into ‘dashes’ ( – ), not underscores ( _ ).


Make sure that you do not change any other areas in each of the Settings.


  • Leave the rest of the areas as is for now, except for the ‘Keyword Settings’ area.
  • In the ‘Keyword Settings’ area, for: ‘Use Keywords’, click ‘Enabled’.
  • Leave the rest of the ‘Keyword Settings’ as is for now.
  • Click on: ‘Update Options’ button at the bottom of the screen.


Your ‘All in One SEO’ is set up for now. You will be making some additional changes at a later time.




You Have Completed All of the Steps in Phase 1 for:  How to Start in an Online Business!


Excellent Job! Now Take Some Time to Relax!


You will want to be fresh when you start Phase 2:  How to Set Up a Home Business  – Phase 2 – Step 1.

It is much more involved and will require some intense concentration in certain areas.


Please leave a Comment or ask a Question in the Comments section below.


When you are ready, continue on to the next Post in the series:  How to Set Up a Home Business – Phase 2 – Step1.


Thank you,

CJ Dodaro

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