Setting Up an Office for a Home Business

Office for a Home Business

Setting Up an Office for a Home Business

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Office for a Home Business

Setting Up an Office for a Home Business


Setting Up an Office for a Home Business can be fun and exciting. It is a project which validates your commitment to running your own business properly.

The one thing that you should keep in mind when Setting Up an Office for a Home Business is that this is the area in which you will conduct business, and business only. Everything contained within will all be for business purposes. Do not combine your business with your personal items. This needs to be a completely separate entity in order for you to focus properly on the tasks involved, as well as to get the best related tax deductions.

Treat this area as you would if you were working for someone else in an outside of the home office. You would not store your personal files or your children’s toys in that type of office, so do not do that at home either. While it would be acceptable to have a couple of family pictures on your desk, it would be unacceptable to store your camping gear there. Be smart, stay focused, and be productive.


Choose a Suitable Location


A Home Office can be located anywhere in your home. The area used for business can be a room or other separately identifiable space. The space does not need to be marked off by a permanent partition (no walls required). The space may also be a separate detached structure on you home’s property, such as a shed or converted garage. The choice is yours. Setup your Home Office wherever suitable, and what works best for you.


Make it Nice & Comfortable


You should create your Home Office space to be an area that you want to go into. This will make working there much more enjoyable. If you are setting it up in a separate room (which is best), you should start by removing all existing items from that area. Take the time to patch walls and repaint, install a new floor if needed, and hang up some new curtains. Giving it a new, fresh look will be great.

Once the shell is ready, decide on where to place your desk, computer, printer, router, shelving, storage cabinets, filing cabinet, etc. When you have decided on a design, move everything in and get it all set up. Then, add any desired decorations, such as wall hangings, knick-knacks, etc. Keep in mind, this is a business environment. Decorate appropriately.

Take the time to twist tie any lengthy computer cords. Clean, dust, and polish all of your items. Now you are open for business.


Save Your Receipts


It is important that you save all receipts related to your Home Office setup. These will include any receipts for paint, flooring, and all new purchases. These will all be tax-deductible at the end of the year. Place them all in an envelope marked: Home Office Setup. We will deal with these later.


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