What is a Google Plus Account?

Set up Google Plus Account

What is a Google Plus Account?

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Set up Google Plus Account

How to Set Up a Google Plus Account


In this post, you will learn:  What is a Google Plus Account?. Setting up a Google+ Account is a good way of building better SEO, Ranking, and increasing Traffic to your website. Building your Google+ following, including, creating Circles and ramping up Traffic to your Google Plus page, will help create organic Traffic, which will hopefully be forwarded to your website.


So, let’s get started!


*** The following Training coincides with the Wealthy Affiliate Certification Training (green tab on the left after you log in):  Level 2 – Lesson 9. You can view that Training  HERE


What is a Google Plus Account?


Google Plus (or Google+) is a Social Network operated by Google. Similar to Facebook, having a Google Plus Account allows you to have Followers (friends) and Follow them back. It will also allow you to Share your posts with others, as well as +1 their posts (like) and leave Comments. Others will do the same for you.

Getting +1s and Comments lets Google know that your site is important to others, thereby increasing your Rankings in Search Results.


Google+ Account Setup


If you have been following my Training, step-by-step, you have already set up your G-mail Account. A Google Login is an All-in-One Account for all Google Services, so if you have G-mail Account, then you already have Google Account access. Set up your Google+ Account as follows:

  1. Sign in to your G-mail Account, and then continue to Sign in to Google +.
  2. Click on:  ‘Create Profile‘.
  3. Fill out your personal information and the Username that you want everyone to see.
  4. Click on:  ‘Upgrade’.
  5. On the next screen, Google+ will ask you to add anyone you might already know from a suggested friends list. You can do this now if you like, or you can wait to begin building your Circles at a later time.
  6. Click on:  ‘Next’. Then you will be prompted to select pages to follow that might interest you. This is optional, so if you don’t wish to choose right away, then click on:  ‘Continue’. If you are prompted by a reminder because you haven’t picked anything, click on:  ‘Continue’ anyway. You can always add desired Communities, etc. at a later time.
  7. You are now given the option to add a Photo Image to your Profile. You can take a selfie with your smartphone or upload a Photo from your computer files. I highly recommend a personal Photo of you, as opposed to anything less personal. This will help build trust for your site.
  8. Make your Photo choice and then, follow the prompts on the screen to Upload your Image. The Preview along the right-hand side of the screen is handy in that you can see how your Profile will look to the rest of the Google+ Community.
  9. Add additional information about yourself, such as, education and work history. Then, click on:  ‘Finish’.
  10. Now, you need to change your ‘Cover Image’. You should use your Logo for your Website for this.
  11. Mouse over the lower right-hand corner of the Cover Image area, and a button will appear which says:  ‘change cover‘. Click on that and follow the prompts.
  12. Cover Image Size is very important! The recommended size is: 1031 pixels wide X 438 pixels high. You may need to play around with the positioning of your Logo and Text, within that area, to get the effect you want without cutting off vital parts of your Image. If necessary, you can always Copy your Image into a program like: ‘Paint’, ‘Photoshop’, or ‘Gimp’, and make the necessary adjustments before you Upload your Image.
  13. Congratulations! You are now ready to use your basic Google+ Account!


Adjust Your Settings


Once your Google+ Account has been initially set up, you should go in and see or change your Settings. You can access this area from your Dashboard (on left – below ‘Notifications’). Click on:  ‘Settings‘.

If you need more information concerning a particular area, or you are unsure what to choose there, click on the:  LEARN MORE’ Link below that section.


Begin Building Your Google+ Empire


Now that you have set up your Google+ Account, it is time to fill it with people and activity. To begin doing this, you will need to have (3) separate pages open at once, that you will be going back and forth with. You will do this as follows:

  1. Log in to your  G-mail.  (this will be page 1)
  2. Click on the:  ‘Google Apps Link’ (9 squares – upper right), and click on the: Google+ App (this will be page 2). This will bring up your ‘Home’ page.
  3. Log in to Wealthy Affiliate (this will be page 3). Go to the  G+ thread  on your Wealthy Affiliate screen. Scroll down a bit.
  4. ‘Like’ the discussion thread. In fact, get in the habit of ‘Liking’ all of your interactions with other members at Wealthy Affiliate. It is a good habit that will serve you well in your Social Media marketing efforts.
  5. Then, click to Add Kyle and Carson as the first 2 people you are going to Follow. To do this, simply click on the links for each of them, to be directed to their Google+ page. Then, click on: ‘Follow’. (You must be logged into your Gmail Account or this button will be missing.)
  6. A drop-down box will appear with options to check. Always add each person to the: ‘Following’ category by checking that box. This is a total tally of who you are Following. (This is where it begins to pay off having your Browser set to open new tabs. After you have added each new person, just ‘x’ out of the individual tab, leaving your other pages up and ready to use!)
  7. Continue to Scroll down past the links for Kyle and Carson, and you will see many individuals who are sharing their Google+ Accounts (some share other Accounts also, but for now, we will only concentrate on the Google+ Accounts). Start at the top of the list and begin following those that share their Google+ Accounts.
  8. Click on at least 50 of these a day for at least the next couple of weeks, and Add these to your ‘Following’ list, and ask them to Follow you as well. You should also take the time to +1 a couple of their posts, as well as leave a Comment or two (both discussed below). This will help you to begin building a good Following.
  9. Reply’ to each person that you Followed, and let them know that you are Following them, have +1 and Commented on a couple of their posts, and ask them to do the same for you (when you have posts). You will need to include your link to your Google+ Account, which can be found by clicking on:  ‘Profile’ (in the left menu of your Google+ Dashboard), and Copying your Account Number from the search window on top of that page, and Pasting it into your Reply. (You can save time by creating a standard Reply and Copy & Paste it into each one.)
  10. Doing this should give you about 500 people that you are Following within that short time-frame, and most of them will probably Follow you back. You are on your way to building your Empire.


Other Aspects of Google+


Google+ is more than just you Following people and people Following you. This would be just a waste of time from a business prospective. That is just the beginning. It is the other aspects of Google+ that will really help to create additional Traffic to your site, and ultimately, more Revenue. These other aspects are as follows:

    • You can ‘Share’ your posts
    • You can +1 posts that you like (and people will do the same for you)
    • You can Comment on other posts (and people will do the same for you)


All of these things will help Google to see your site as more valuable, leading to better Ranking, which lead to more Traffic, which leads to more Revenue (your ultimate Goal in all of this). I will show you exactly how to work with each of these aspects to best create the outcome that you are looking for, as follows:


Share Your Posts


When Sharing your first post, you will need to choose with whom you wish to Share it (after your first choice, Google will automatically save your choice, but it can be changed at any time). You make this choice by first clicking on the bar: ‘What’s new with you?’ (not Camera Icon). Then, next to your name, click on the link to open up a menu of choices (you can only choose one). It is best to choose:  ‘Public’ for the most exposure.


When Sharing Posts on Google Plus that have already been Published on your site, there are a few things that you should know:

  1. Sharing Posts on Google Plus is not duplicate Content.
  2. You should only Share one post per day, or Google may look at your site as ‘scammy’.
  3. After placing a link to your post on Google Plus, the first Photo within that post will load automatically into your Google Plus post. If this is not the Photo that you wish to use, you can change this by clicking on the:  ‘Camera Icon’ and then, clicking on:   ‘Upload photo’. Then, find the Photo on your computer that you want to use, click on to Select it (which adds it to your:  ‘File name’ window, then click on:  ‘Open’. It will be Uploaded.
  4. When Adding a post to Share on Google Plus, things should be added in the following order:
    • Add your post Title
    • Add any additional Photo (only one)
    • Add your Text (discussed below)
    • Add your link (Permalink for you post in WordPress, found under your Title in the ‘Edit’ mode)


On your Home page in Google+, you will see an area at the top that says:  ‘What’s new with you?’. This is the area where you can Share Your Posts. You will do this as follows:

  1. Click on:  ‘What’s new with you?’ bar (not Camera Icon).
  2. Insert the Title of your Post in between asterisks, like this:  *Your Post Title* (this will make it Bold).
  3. Now, skip a line, and Add some engaging Comments or Questions to spark interest.
  4. Then, skip a line, and ask for Questions and/or Comments. (Ask and you shall receive).
  5. Skip a line, then, Add your name below that. (You can use Underscores before and after words to make them Italicized if you wish.)
  6. Then, skip a line, and Add:  3 Hash Tags (Keywords) like this: #firstkeyword #secondkeyword #thirdkeyword (leave a space only between each Hash Tag – no commas).
  7. Skip a line, and add your ‘Permalink’ for your post (found below your Title in the ‘Edit’ mode in WordPress).
  8. Google should automatically include an Image from your post (or you can add one of your own).
  9. Proof Read everything to make sure that it is all the way that you want it.
  10. Click on:  ‘Post’ when you have finished.


+1 Posts


+1 Posts is similar to clicking on ‘Like’. It shows that you found the post interesting. To +1 a post, you simply click on the: ‘+1 Circle’ (lower left corner of the post). The number of +1s that a post receives is shown just to the right of that.


Comment on other Posts


Commenting on other posts is just as easy. You merely click on the: ‘Comment’ Icon (lower, just right of center in the post). Type in your Comment, Proof Read, and when satisfied, click on:  ‘Post’ (lower right corner).


In the next post, I will explain how to keep your followers organized in Google+.


Please see my PostWhat is Google Plus for Business? – Phase 3 – Step 16.


Please leave a Comment or ask a Question in the Comments section below.


Thank you,

CJ Dodaro


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