How to Keyword Research – The Best Way

How to Keyword Research

How to Keyword Research – The Best Way

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How to Keyword Research

How to Keyword Research – The Best Way



Now that you have written your first post, proofread it, made any necessary corrections, ran it through a Spell-Check, and have made additional changes, before you Publish it, you should learn How to Keyword Research – The Best Way, and Adjust Your Title and first paragraph as needed to reflect your chosen Keywords.

Your Keywords for each page and post, should always appear in your Title, as well as, somewhere in your first paragraph in order to Rank better on Google. You can find the best Keywords to use by either using the FREE Keyword Tool on Wealthy Affiliate, or the Jaaxy Keyword Tool.


*** The following Training coincides with the Wealthy Affiliate Certification Training (green tab on the left after you log in):  Level 1 – Lesson 9. You can view that Training  HERE


Keyword Tools


Wealthy Affiliate is fazing out their FREE Keyword Tool, and is replacing it with Jaaxy. Since it is still currently available to use, I have included the information on it here. Should you go to the Wealthy Affiliate site and can no longer find it, then Jaaxy will need to be used. As of the writing of this post, both are available for use.

If you have never used Jaaxy before and are a FREE Wealthy Affiliate member, you will simply need to click on the Jaaxy link in the menu to activate your account. You can choose the level of membership you want, if you are a Starter member, the Starter Level membership is FREE. However, be aware, that you only get 30 FREE Searches. If you are Premium, you will get the Lite version of Jaaxy for FREE included in your membership, which has Unlimited Searches.


After that, FREE members will either need to sign up for a paid Jaaxy Account (either $49.00 a month for the Pro version, or $99.00 for the Enterprise version), or upgrade to  Wealthy Affiliate Premium  ($49.00 a month or $359.00 for annual) and you will get Jaaxy Lite included for FREE (this is the best deal). With Jaaxy Lite, you get Unlimited Searches. You will also have the option to upgrade to the Pro or Enterprise versions at a reduced cost.



Understanding the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool


To best use the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool, you need to understand the results from your Keyword Search. In order to do this, you need to see what information is provided when you do a search.

Key in any Keyword. Once you do, you will see that many results come up. Let’s take this column by column and I will explain the information provided and how it will benefit you:


Keyword Results


In the first column on the left, the first result will be the Keyword that you originally searched for. Under that, will be additional related Keywords that will be variations of your original search. Each will have their own specific results present in the other various columns, which I will now explain:

    • Searches – This is the average amount of monthly searches globally for the search term (Keyword).
    • Traffic – This is estimate amount of monthly Traffic that you will get if you Rank on the first page of Google under this search term.
    • Competition – This is the exact number of Competitors that you have under this search phrase.
    • Article Power – This is an estimated result, telling you about how well your pages and posts will possibly Rank. It is based on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.
    • PPC Power – This is similar to Article Power, but it is for Paid Per Click advertising, something that you will probably not use.
    • Dig – When you click on this, it will begin a new search surrounding that particular Keyword.


Understanding the Jaaxy Keyword Tool


The results when using the Jaaxy Keyword Tool are similar to the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool, but the columns are labeled differently. Jaaxy results are as follows:

    • Keywords – This is a list of possible combinations of your inputted Keyword, with your original being first on the list.
    • Avg – The average number of searches per month.
    • Traffic – The average number of monthly visits to your site if you Rank on the first page of Google.
    • QSR – (Quoted Search Results) Your Competition.
    • KQI – (Key Quality Index) Green – Great worth, Yellow – Medium worth, Red Not worth it
    • SEO – A score based on Traffic and Competition. The higher the number, the better the Keyword.


There are other additional columns and features in Jaaxy that I will not get into right now.


Keyword Guidelines


Use the following Guidelines, in the following order, when doing all of your Keyword research:

  1. Your chosen Keywords should be Relevant to your Niche and to your post.
  2. Every Keyword must make grammatical sense. This is critically important. If the Keyword doesn’t make sense, don’t use it.
  3. Article Power should be 8.0 or higher or in Jaaxy, the SEO should be 80 or better.
  4. Your Competition should be less than 100; the lower the better obviously. As you progress with your website, under 200 is perfectly fine as you will be gaining more authority and better Ranking in the search engines.
  5. Your chosen Keywords should have at least or more than 30 monthly searches.

So, at this point, you basically understand Keyword Research, which is going to be your core focus when coming up with ideas for your content. With this first post, you wrote the post first and then searched for your Keywords, causing you to probably adjust your Title and first paragraph to include them. In the future, you will find it easier to make a list for potential future posts, then do your Keyword research, choose the best Keywords, and then write your posts around those great Keywords. That way, no adjustments will be necessary.


In the next step, I will take you through that process. Please see my PostWhat is Keyword Research For? – Phase 3 – Step 7.


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