How to Join an Affiliate Program

How to Join an Affiliate Program

How to Join an Affiliate Program

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How to Join an Affiliate Program

How to Join Affiliate Networks and Programs


Join Affiliate Networks


Since, I will now show you How to Join an Affiliate Program, it is a good time to open your document:  My Online Business and review what you have entered on it. If you reviewed my PostBest Niches – Affiliate Marketing,  and followed the instructions there, then, within that document, you have already created a list of some potential Affiliate Networks, along with some potential Affiliate Programs that you intend to join. If you have not seen this post, please go back and review it now before proceeding. It will explain how to search for the applicable Affiliate Programs that you need for your Niche.

Once you review your list, add any other Networks and/or Programs that you can think of at this time. If you have no additions at this time, that is OK. This will be an ever progressing list in the beginning, which you will also add to occasionally in the future.


Affiliate Networks are all FREE to join, but each have their own set of criteria. Be sure to follow the instructions for each, and understand how their site works. Begin by joining only a few, so that you can become thoroughly familiar with their site, along with their procedures. You can always add to your list as you progress. It is a good idea to make a new Word Processing document that you title:  My Affiliate Networks & Programs, and list each one that you join, along with all important information that you may need to refer to in the future. This will save you the time of constantly reviewing each one’s information in the future, for there is a lot to remember. When you are finished completing this task, store the document in your Website Information Folder.


Some of the more popular Affiliate Networks are as follows:

    • CJAffiliates
    • Rakuten LinkShare Affiliates
    • ClickBank
    • ShareASale
    • FlexOffers


There is somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 Affiliate Networks in the USA alone, each with 1000s of individual Affiliate Programs. There certainly is plenty to choose from. Not all of them will be appropriate for you to join, based on your selected Niche, and most will not show you their list of Affiliate Programs until you join their Network.

You can save yourself some time, by looking up the actual Affiliate Programs that you intend to join, which will point you to the Network that sponsors them. Then, you can join that appropriate Network, apply for the particular Programs that you are interested in, and also check out other Programs that they may offer, looking at those that are applicable to your Niche. Like I said, I would only begin by signing up to 2 or 3 Networks, until you see how things work. You can always add to your list later on, or even cancel out of any of the Networks that you have joined, that you feel are no longer appropriate for you.


*** The following Training coincides with the Wealthy Affiliate Certification Training (green tab on the left after you log in):  Level 3 – Lesson 2. You can view that Training  HERE


Join Affiliate Programs


Joining Affiliate Programs is also always FREE. However, it is an application process, and not all will initially accept you. Each one has their own criteria about the appropriateness of your site to their Program, how long you have had your site, how many visitors you receive each month etc. If you get denied acceptance by some, do not worry. You can usually find out why (check with the procedure for that Network), and then reapply when you feel that you meet their criteria.

Certain Affiliate Programs will have almost 100% acceptance, so they are the ones that you should definitely join when your site is relatively new, if they are applicable to your Niche. Some of those Programs with 100% acceptance are:



It should be noted here, that Amazon has certain strict policies, concerning your posting of a specifically worded Affiliate Disclosure on your site, as well as requiring you to have (3) sales within the first 180 days or they will cancel your membership with them (you can always reapply if you are canceled, but you will need to go in and refresh all of your links with the new ones).

Review Amazon’s requirements, and then review your current Affiliate Disclosure Page. Go into your Dashboard to Edit that page, and make any changes that might be needed in order to comply with Amazon’s requirements, and click on: ‘Update‘ when you are through. There are also other specifics, such as not earning Commissions on family member purchases, amongst other rules, so be sure to review their policies carefully.


It is a good idea to add the pertinent information for the Programs that you join to your Word Processing document:  Affiliate Networks & Programs. You can either indent and list each Program, along with applicable information, under the appropriate Network, or create a new document titled: My Affiliate Programs, and list the Network in that Program’s information; whichever you find easier. Store the File in the appropriate Folder.

For each Program, you should minimally list the amount of Commissions that they pay, the time in which they pay, and their method of payment that you sign on for. Also, list any other appropriate specifics that you may need to refer to in the future.


Also, it should be noted here, that there are thousands of independent Affiliate Programs that are independently managed and not tied to any Network. So do not tie yourself only to the Networks. There is a huge amount of opportunity if you reach outside of the Networks and also apply to the Independent Programs.


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Now, in my next post, you will learn how to begin monetizing your content.


See my next PostHow to Add Affiliate Links to My Website – Phase 3 – Step 12.


Thank you,

CJ Dodaro


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