How To – Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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How To – Affiliate Marketing for Beginners


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How to for Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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Affiliate Marketing


How To – Affiliate Marketing for Beginners is relatively a simple process to understand, but there are many components for doing it correctly in order to become successful. Affiliate Marketing is where a business rewards Affiliates (you), usually on a Commission basis, for each customer brought to them by the Affiliate’s own marketing efforts, who visits their site and purchases something. The industry has four core players:

  1. The Merchant (the retailer or brand)
  2. The Network (the organization that manages multiple retailers and brands, and takes care of paying out the Commissions to you, the Affiliate)
  3. The Publisher (you, the Affiliate)
  4. The Customer


Affiliate Marketing is done in a variety of ways by you, the Affiliate. These methods may include some or all of the following:

  • Organic SEO (search engine optimization)
  • PPC (pay-per-click advertising)
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Product Reviews
  • Display Advertising


The basic premise is that, you, the Affiliate, do the following:

  • Setup a website under a domain name of your choice.
  • Choose a field or area that you are either very knowledgeable in or are willing to do extensive research on (and hopefully can become an expert in over time).
  • Narrow that field down to a specific niche (a subset of that field or area).
  • Join Affiliate Networks and apply to specific Affiliate Programs that provide the products that are related to your niche.
  • Target specific audiences that can relate to what you are offering.
  • Solve problems for visiting individuals to your Website by either writing informative posts or doing product reviews.
  • Include Affiliate Links and/or Banners (specific links provided to you for commission tracking purposes by the Affiliate Programs that you join) in your posts and/or reviews, pointing your visitors toward the products that they need and/or want in order to solve those specific problems.


When your visitor clicks on that Link, visits that Affiliate Program site, and purchases anything within a given ’Cookie Duration’ (different for each Affiliate Program), you get a Commission on whatever that individual purchases from that Affiliate Program.


Pretty sweet deal, right? You do not need to stock any products, nor even purchase any products that you review (as long as you research them thoroughly and fairly). You do not really need to be a sales person, you just simply need to be informative. Solve a problem or fill a need, link to a product or products that helps to solve that problem or fills that need, your visitor clicks your link, makes a purchase, you get a commission.


So, is there a company that offers any specific training to be able to accomplish all of this easily?

I am glad that you asked!


There is a number of different companies out there that offer some Training. Some are very expensive. However, there is one company that I know of that offers you the best, most informative Training for Affiliate Marketing at a very reasonable price. How about FREE to start off! You can’t beat that!


The company that I am referring to is:  Wealthy Affiliate

Exactly what you want to become!


They offer 2 different programs:  Free vs. Premium

Simply click on that Link and compare what you get. I think that you will be amazed!


You can start the program for FREE and remain FREE for as long as you like. However, you will have limited access to some of the Training that they provide. When you decide to upgrade, you can receive many, many, extras with the  Premium  version. It is definitely worth checking out.

So, click the Link:  Wealthy Affiliate  and check it out. It will cost you nothing but a little bit of your time.


If you are interested in building an Online Affiliate Marketing Business, see my FREE Step-by-Step Training by clicking on this Link:  How to Start in an Online Business


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Best of Luck to You in All That You Do!


CJ Dodaro

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