How to Design a Logo for Free

Design Your Own Logo

How to Design a Logo for Free

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Design Your Own Logo

How to Design a Logo for Free

What Makes a Good Logo?


In this post, I will teach you How to Design a Logo for Free. Let’s start with: What is a Logo? A Logo is simply a design which symbolizes a business or an organization.


A Good Logo will have the following characteristics:

    • Simple – causing people to easily recognize it
    • Original – unique, causing people to remember your website
    • Professional – will give you more credibility
    • Informative – should tell your visitors what your website is about
    • Colorful – good contrasting or complimenting colors without being gaudy


Where is My Logo Going to be Used?


Your Logo should be at the top of your website‘s Home Page. It can also be used on Social Media sites, like: Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also use you Logo to create a site Icon Image, so that people can place it on their desktop and easily access your site.


How to Create a Logo


Here is some training at Wealthy Affiliate, created by a member there, for creating a Logo Make your own professional Logo with Canva


There are a variety of ways to create a Logo, and you should not spend a ton of time on this process. You can always change it at any time, although it is best to change it early in your website build, so as not to confuse your visitors.

You can start out by simply scratching out some ideas on scrap paper. Remember, keep it simple, memorable, and based on the Image that you wish your business to represent.

Once you have a couple of basic ideas, you can use programs, like: Paint, Photoshop, Canva, or Gimp to create your Logo on your computer. If you are using abstracts, you can merely paint or draw your Image using one of these programs, or if you are using something more realistic, you can upload a Photo into one of these programs and then add the necessary text.

If you are using an Image downloaded from a website, be sure that the Image is not copyrighted. This may cause you some real problems down the road. Not everything on these so-called free-to-use Image websites are really free to use. It is best if you can upload your own Photo from a camera or smart-phone.

Make sure that your Image is simple in design, and your Logo includes your website’s name. Use complimentary or contrasting colors between your Image and text, but keep it on the simple side; not gaudy. Choose a Font that is easy to read.


Crop it to the Correct Size


When creating your Logo, you may need to Copy & Save it in different sizes to be used appropriately in different areas. In your WordPress Dashboard, go to: Appearance > Customize > Header Image to see what the recommended Header size for your Logo is, depending on your Theme.

Check the various Social Media sites that you intend to use to promote your site, and see what their Image size requirements are, so that you can also Save your Logo to an appropriate size for each of them.

Make sure that you do not cause unclear pixilation when enlarging your Image. The finished product should be clear and neat.

Save your Images and your Logo (in all the various sizes – each properly named) in an appropriately named Sub-Folder, and store it in your Folder:  My Online Business.


Install Your Logo


You can easily install your Logo on your website’s Home Page as follows:

Go into your WordPress Dashboard.

Then, go to: Appearance > Customize > Header Image.

Click on ‘Add New Image’, and then, click on: ‘Upload File’ in order to upload an Image.

Click on the various windows on the right and fill in the required information, then, click on ‘Crop Image’, then, ‘Skip Cropping’ (if you have already properly sized it)

Click on: ‘Save and Publish’ (upper left). Your Logo should appear on your site’s Home Page.


Check your site by clicking on your site’s name (upper left) and view your Logo to make sure that it has come out the way that you wanted it to. Remember, you can always change your Logo at any time by creating a new one, and then following the same steps.


Please leave a Comment in the Comments section below and let me know how you are progressing.


Great Job! Now, Your Website is Ready for Some Content.


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Thank you,

CJ Dodaro



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