How to Make a Blog Post

How to Make a Blog Post

How to Make a Blog Post

How to Start in an Online Business

Phase 3 – Step 5


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How to Make a Blog Post

How to Make a Blog Post


Your website has been set up and your Books and Business Plan have been created. Now, it is time to start writing some content. For some, this may seem like the scary part of all of this, and you may be wondering:  How to Make a Blog PostNot to worry. It is not as hard as you think. If you have ever written a book report in school, you can do this.


There are three main types of structured content that you might write on your site. They are:

  1. Informative Posts
  2. Step-by-Step Instructions
  3. Product / Service Reviews


You can use any one of those structures or all of them, depending on your Niche, your skills, and how your site is set up. The choices are strictly up to you. Let’s discuss each one and see what is involved for each.


Informative Posts


Informative Posts are just that. They are posts that present information on a particular subject in your Niche. They can be about any topic related to the Niche that you are in. If your Niche is:  Fishing Lures, for instance, some of your posts might be:

    • Best freshwater fishing lures
    • Best saltwater fishing lures
    • How to make excellent homemade lures
    • Most productive lures on the market today
    • Etc.


Step-by-Step Instructions


Step-by-Step Instructions are posts that teach someone exactly how to do something. You must really know what you are doing in your Niche in order to effectively write one of these types of posts.

Let’s take one from the list above:  How to make excellent homemade lures.

Instead of just a general informative type post, you can easily turn this into a set of Step-by-Step Instructions, by first explaining a little about what your post will teach. Then, list the materials and supplies needed for the project. Finally, an easy-to-follow set of Step-by-Step Instructions for completing the task.


Product / Service Reviews


Product / Service Reviews are posts that offer facts about the Product or Service that you are reviewing, possibly a comparison to other similar Products or Services, and finally, your opinion of your choice.

You do not have to actually purchase or use any of the Products or Services that you Review, but will need to do some extensive research on what you are promoting, in order to get a good idea of the pros and cons for the item. Then, simply be fair and honest in your presentation.

Remember, you are going to be building your visitors trust, so it will be important for you to include both sides of the coin each time that you Review something; the strong points, as well as, the weak ones. Remember, you are not selling, but rather offering information, along with your opinion, and then leaving it up to the visitor to make their own choice, based on what you have offered them.


Choose a Type & Write Your First Post


Choose the type of post that you feel most comfortable with for writing your first post. You can use any ideas that you may have had when you created your document:  My Online Business, under your Heading: Potential Future Posts for your first topic, or come up with a new one now.

Do not worry so much about making it perfect, but do pay attention to proper grammar and spelling. You are not going to Publish it yet, just save it in a Draft at first (we have some other work to do on it first).

I recommend using Wealthy Affiliate’s ‘Site Content’ to write your posts. Choose an appropriate Title and Key it in. Next, repeat your Title in the content section, using H2 (size), Bold, and Centered (underline if you want).

Then, write your content naturally. Break your post into small segments with Headers applicable to each segment. These Headers should be sized H3, Bolded, and Underlined. Include an invitation for Comments near the end of your post, and sign it.

When you are finished, proofread it yourself first. Then, use the ‘ABC’ Spell-Check to check your spelling and grammar. Make any changes necessary. Click on ‘Save’ when you are finished, but do notPublish’ it yet.

Before you Publish it, you need to do some Keyword Research, which may cause you to change your Title and first paragraph slightly. You will learn about Keywords and their importance in the next step.


Please ask a Question or leave a Comment in the Comments section below.


Before going to the next post in this Phase of the training, please see my Support Post:  SEO and Keyword Tips


Thank you,

CJ Dodaro



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