How to Create a Website and a Blog

How to Create a Website and a Blog

How to Create a Website and a Blog


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How to Create a Website and a Blog

How to Create a Website and a Blog


What is a Blog?


How to Create a Website and a Blog is a fairly easy process. There are sites out there that will allow you to create a website for FREE, and then you just blog. While most people know what a website is, not everyone actually knows what a blog is.

When they first started out, a blog (short for web log), (around 1994) was more of a personal diary that people shared online. However, over time, blogs have changed, and many have moved away from the personal diary version, and are used to create and dispense information on any subject.

Companies have created blogs to keep their customers informed about the latest updates in their company. The more people that visit a blog, the more exposure and trust that a brand will get. Personal and Niche bloggers, use a blog to reach more people who are interested in a specific topic. People can leave Comments on any of the blog posts, which creates interaction and a group of loyal followers.

People create blogs for different reasons, but why spend a ton of time creating content and interacting with people if you are not getting anything out of it but a little socialization? Why not figure out a way to monetize your blog?


How to Make Money With a Blog


In order to make money with a blog, you must first choose a Niche. To better understand what a Niche is and how to choose the correct one, see my post:  Niche Picking Psychology.

Your Niche should be something that you know a lot about and are very passionate about. You will be creating posts on a regular basis, and will be doing so over a long period of time. It will be much easier to write about things regularly about a particular topic, if you are well-informed about it yourself.

If you do not know much about the topics that you are trying to write about, it will be nearly impossible to connect with your readers and build a following. People will need to trust you in order to keep them coming back to your site. This is known as building your brand. Return visitors are very important if you intend to try to make money with a blog.

If your know a lot about cooking, you could create a blog about your favorite dishes and offer recipes to teach others how to create them. You could then expand into the various kitchen utensils and products needed to complete the tasks.

If you are raising small children, you could create a blog about children’s fashions, and then show where the best places are to get the clothing.

Perhaps your interest is in cars, and you could show people how to best repair a particular brand of car, or where to buy the latest accessories for that automobile. The choices are endless.

Whatever Niche you choose, make sure that it has the following:

    • It is a focused area of a larger Field.
    • You are knowledgeable and passionate about, and can see yourself writing many, many, articles over the course of years, not weeks or months.
    • Something that a specific group of people will be interested in (your Target Audience).


You will not be a salesperson, but instead, a solver of problems. It will be your job to figure out the needs of your visitors and find a way to solve their problems by pointing them to the products that will help them.

You will join various Affiliate Programs and/or Affiliate Networks that will carry the products that are pertinent to your Niche. These are always FREE to join, and are available for any Niche. Once you join them, each will provide you with specific links that you will incorporate into your Content. When a visitor clicks on one of those links, they will be directed to that Program’s specific product, and if your visitor makes a purchase, you will get a Commission. It is that easy.


For more information on Affiliate Programs and/or Affiliate Networks, see my post:  How to Join an Affiliate Program


Complete Training on Building a Website and Creating a Blog


So, if you are interested in creating a FREE website and blog and learning exactly how to make money with it, then you need to check out:  Wealthy Affiliate  They are FREE to join, offer FREE websites, FREE Hosting for those sites, and they have all of the Training and Tools that you will need in order to build your website, create a blog, and become a successful Online Affiliate Marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate  has been around for more than 12 years, and boasts a membership of over a million entrepreneurs just like yourself. They offer the best Step-by-Step Training, including written, as well as, video Training. They have impeccable Support, as well as, a Live Chat where you can ask questions of seasoned members. It is a true Pay-it-Forward Community of amazing people. It will be worth your time to check them out.


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