How to Start in an Online Business – Table of Contents

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How to Start in an Online Business – Table of Contents


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Table of Contents for How to Start in an Online Business

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The following is the How to Start in an Online Business – Table of Contents. As each post is published, that post will become a Link here in the Table. If there is no Link for a particular post, that means that the post has not yet been published, but will be coming soon.

Sometimes there will be a Support Post for a particular post, that is not really training, but provide additional information related to that post. Any Support Posts that have been written for a particular post will be found bulleted and indented under the post.

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Table of Contents


Phase 1 – Setup Your Website


Introduction:  How to Start in an Online Business

Steps 1 & 2:  Niche Picking Psychology

Steps 3, 4, & 5:  How to Buy a Domain Name and a Way to Choose a Host

Steps 6, 7, & 8:  What is a WordPress Theme and How to Choose the Right One

Steps 9 thru 12:  What is a Domain Email Address?


Phase 2 – Setup Your Business


Step 1:  How to Set Up a Home Business

Step 2:  Setting Up an Office for a Home Business

Step 3:  Best Bookkeeping for a Small Business

Step 4:  What is the Home Office Tax Deduction?

Step 5:  Formatting Your First Spreadsheet

Step 6:  Working on Your First Spreadsheet

Step 7:  Completing Your First Spreadsheet

Step 8:  IRS Depreciation Methods

Step 9:  Fixed Assets & Depreciation Spreadsheet

Step 10:  Free Spreadsheet Templates

Step 11:  How to Work With Online Business Spreadsheets

Step 12:  How to Make a Business Plan for an Online Business

Step 13:  How to Make a Business Plan – The Information

Step 14:  How to Make a Business Plan – The Financials


Phase 3 – Make Your Website Come to Life


Step 1:  How to Design a Logo for Free

Step 2:  How to Make a Web Page for My Site

Step 3:  Create Drop-Down Menu – WordPress

Step 4:  How to Join Wealthy Affiliate

Step 5:  How to Make a Blog Post

Step 6:  How to Keyword Research – The Best Way

Step 7:  What is Keyword Research For?

Step 8:  How to Add an Image on WordPress

Step 9:  What is Alt Text for an Image?

Step 10:  List Personal Accomplishments


Phase 3 cont’ – Make Your Website Come to Life


Step 11:  How to Join an Affiliate Program

Step 12:  How to Add Affiliate Links to My Website

Step 13:  How to Do a Product Review

Step 14:  How to Verify a Site for Google

Step 15:  What is a Google Plus Account?

Step 16:  What is Google Plus for Business?

Step 17:  How to Sign Up With Google Analytics

Step 17:   How to Fetch With Google

Step 18:  Best Way – Analyze Data

Step 19:  Google Web Analytics

Step 20:  What It Is – The Rewards


Phase 4 – Additional Training & Money Management


Step 1:  How to Create a Facebook Account and Learn How to Use It.
Step 2:  How to Create a Twitter Account and Learn How to Use It.
Step 3:  How to Create a Pinterest Account and Learn How to Use It.
Step 4:  What to do With My Money Now That I Have Made Some


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