How to Start in an Online Business

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How to Start in an Online Business


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Create a Successful Online Business

How to Start in an Online Business




Affiliate Marketing


There are certain Steps for How to Start in an Online Business, and it is best to perform these Steps in a certain order. Organization is your best friend when starting and running any business. It is one of the main keys for success. I call this the ‘Success Dance’.

Happy Dance

Success Dance

Like any dance, if you don’t perform the Steps in the right order you have nothing but chaos on the dance floor. It is the same way in business. If you are not organized and doing things in the proper progressive order, how can you ever hope to become successful? You could get lucky, sure, but why rely on that? It is so much easier just to stay on the path, put one foot in front of the other, and before you know it, you will be dancing to your favorite tune:  Success.   Woo Hoo!


The actions that need to be taken for setting up a Successful Online Business are very similar to those used for setting up a brick and mortar type business. They both require similar basic steps. For my purposes here, I will be gearing the posts in this series toward setting up a Successful Online Affiliate Marketing Business.


Affiliate Marketing is a relatively simple process. See my Post:  How to – Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.  It will explain exactly what Affiliate Marketing is, who the players are, and how you can profit from it.



Wealthy Affiliate


There are many companies out there that teach about Affiliate Marketing, but the BEST one that I have found, bar none, is by far:  Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate  offers an incredible amount of Training, including Video Training and Weekly Webinars, as well as offering Domain Names for sale, Hosting, SSL Certificates, and a whole list of additional options.


The best thing is, it is FREE to start. That’s right, absolutely FREE, and you can remain FREE for as long as you like.

You get 2 FREE websites, FREE access to the beginning 10 Lessons of Training, which teach you exactly how to get started in Affiliate Marketing, and a whole lot more!

They also offer a reasonably priced  Premium  version which gives you more Training than you could ever imagine, to assist you on your road to success in your Affiliate Marketing business, as well as many more perks.


The Training that I am providing to you here, is based, in part, on the Training provided by Wealthy Affiliate, along with many additions, and is meant to enhance your experience on their platform, as well as to teach you the elements of building your business that are not taught by Wealthy Affiliate. You can certainly apply this Training to any Online Business, but since Wealthy Affiliate is completely FREE to use, I would urge you to click on one of their Links and take a look at what they have to offer. I believe that you will be thoroughly amazed!


*** The following Training coincides with the Wealthy Affiliate Certification Training (green tab on the left after you log in):  Level 1 – Lesson 1. Click  HERE  to review it.


Joining Wealthy Affiliate


If you have decided to join  Wealthy Affiliate, there are a few things that you should do there before proceeding with the Training here.

  1. First, login to  Wealthy Affiliate.
  2. Second, take a look around the site and become familiar with the site and where everything is located. Click on a few areas and explore.
  3. Next, click on the green tab on the left and go through the Level 1 – Lesson 1 Training. Make sure to watch the two videos:
    • The first video is an introduction to  Wealthy AffiliateKyle, one of the co-founders, will discuss what the site is about and what you can expect from it.
    • The second video is instructions on how to complete your Profile. This step is very important, as  Wealthy Affiliate  is a very social community. Completing this step will help to introduce you to the other members here, which will benefit you by helping you to get better and quicker assistance from other members in the program.


I have included the Steps in that second video here should you need them. Click on your Profile in the upper right corner of the site (after you login). Then, click on ‘My Profile’ and complete the following two Steps:

  1. Add a Profile Image (can be anything you want).

Adding a Profile Image will better help others in the program to be able to identify you and will help to offer better assistance in the Live Chat area if you ask any questions there.

2. Add a Personal Description

Adding a Personal Description; telling a little about yourself, will help to allow others in the program to learn a little about you, such as your interests, your goals, etc. and will therefore, help them to connect with you better.  Wealthy Affiliate  is a very social platform, with many good people always willing to help others in any way that they can.


Once you have completed those items, return here to get back to the training for How to Start in an Online Business.


Let’s continue…..


Like I said previously, my Training is meant to enhance your experience on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Wherever applicable, I will include a reference to the particular Lesson in the Wealthy Affiliate Training that is relevant to mine, in order to point you to that area in their Training. That way, you can review both for a full understanding of the section that you are in.

Wealthy Affiliate uses check boxes in their Training. Make sure that you tick the boxes in their Training for each Step that you complete in each Lesson (these will be found at the end of each Lesson, as well as in their right sidebar area). That way, you will instantly know what has been completed, and what is next to accomplish, each time that you return there.

By the end of my Phase 1 Training, you should have the first six Lessons completed at Wealthy Affiliate. Then, complete my Phase 2 Training before continuing on at Wealthy Affiliate. My Phase 2 Training is not offered there.


My Training


There are four main areas for setting up an Online Affiliate Marketing Business:

    • Phase 1 – Setup Your Website
    • Phase 2 – Setup Your Business
    • Phase 3 – Make Your Website Come to Life
    • Phase 4 – Additional Training & Money Management


Each Phase has multiple Steps that should be completed in order. You can see all of the Training Steps for all Phases by visiting my:  How to Start in an Online Business – Table of Contents.  Each time a post is completed and published for a particular Training Step, it will be turned into a Link, which will make that Step more easily accessible from the Table of Contents.


Please leave a Comment or ask a Question in the Comments section below.


Now let’s explore each Step in depth to see how to complete each one. Begin by seeing my next Post in the series:  Niche Picking Psychology – Phase 1 – Steps 1 & 2.


Thank you,

CJ Dodaro

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