How to Do a Product Review

How to Become a Product Reviewer

How to Do a Product Review

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How to Become a Product Reviewer

How to Do a Product Review


In this post, I will show you How to Do a Product Review. There a two types of Review posts that you can create:

  1. Singular Product Review – focusing on a single product
  2. Multi-Product Comparison Review – doing a comparison between two or more similar products, but typically, between 3 – 7 are good.


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What is Included in a Review?


In any Review, there are specific points that usually should be covered. You can use any or all (and more) of the following, where appropriate:

    • Overall Rank (rank each product against one another)
    • Product Description
    • Size (Dimensions)
    • Weight
    • Pros & Cons
    • Price
    • Guarantee (YES, NO)
    • Product Specifications
    • Your Opinion


The more detailed your Reviews, the better. However, make them understandable to a general audience (not too technical), as well as be sure to show the Pros as well as the Cons for each product. Be subjective.

There are no hard-and-fast set rules here. You can Review products in any way that like, as well as, test different strategies. Be relevant to your Niche and offer your honest opinion and why it is so, within your content.

This is not just about promoting your favorite product or service. You need to become an Authority within your chosen Field and Niche (but not a salesperson). Be on the lookout for new products, having your ‘pulse’ on the industry and being the source for new information.

You need to offer Reviews that are meaningful, whether positive or negative. The best way to stay informed is to set up a Google Alert. If you are not familiar with Google Alerts, these are going to serve as a super efficient way to get news and related products information within your Niche as it is available. To set up a FREE Google Alert, go to:  Google Alerts.

You will then want to choose the search queries that are relevant to your Niche: new + (your Niche or product)

You can set up Alerts to notify you every time a new page or post is created about a certain product. Use these FREE tools like Google Alerts to your advantage, they will be a very powerful tool within your marketing strategies.


Monetize Poorly Ranked Products As Well


One thing that many Affiliates fail to do is monetize products that they did not give a positive review to You can still earn money from products that in your eyes, are failures. Everyone has a different view on things. What you may think is or is not important in a Review, may be totally different than what the next person views as important. Becoming an Affiliate for any and all products that you Review, positively or negatively, is a great strategy that will pay off.

Remember, it is OK to ask for the sale, and to show people where to buy. Just do not come across as a used car salesperson. Nobody likes to feel like they are being taken advantage of.


Use Clear Images of the Products That You Review


It’s been said before: ‘One picture is worth a thousand words’. Be sure to use good Images of each product that you Review. Some people will like a specific design compared to another, despite all of the other information that will available in your Review. You just never know what each person’s ‘Hot Button’ is, and that will vary from person to person. Give yourself the best advantages by including clear Images of each product that you Review.

Create some Singular and Multi-Product Comparison Reviews posts for your site. Do this on a regular basis, mixing them in with your information type posts. You can keep product Review posts in a separate Category in your Sidebar Widget area, titled: Product Reviews. Always ask for Comments at the end of all of your posts. This feedback will lead to better Rankings.


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