Niche Picking Psychology

Choose a Field for Your Onlilne Affiliate Marketing Business

Niche Picking Psychology

How to Start in an Online Business

Phase 1 – Steps 1 & 2


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Niche Picking Psychology is fundamental to whether or not you will be successful with an Online Affiliate Marketing Business. If you base your choice purely on the amount of Traffic or Potential Income, with no knowledge base in the Niche, you are destined to fail. Remember, your Affiliate Marketing Blog is not about selling, but about helping people to solve a problem, and then pointing them to the products and services that will assist with that.

Would someone come to you for marital advice if you were never married? Probably not. Would anyone ask you where to purchase the best crock pot if you do not spend any time in the kitchen, cooking? I doubt it. You must know something about the Niche that you are trying to promote and you must strive to become an expert in it, learning and researching, so that you can become that expert. There will be competition in every area on the internet, so you have to be ready to beat the completion by knowing more and servicing your customers better than they do.

Before choosing your Niche, you should first, choose the general Field that you want to be in. That way, if your first choice of a Niche in that Field does not work out, for whatever reason, you can easily point yourself in a different direction without having to start over from scratch. You will simply shift your focus slightly.

Your Field of choice should be something that you are very passionate about, and know a lot about. You are going to need to be creating related posts on a regular basis for years, so it must be something that you enjoy and are thoroughly familiar with. So let’s begin our journey at the beginning, and choose a Field for your Online Affiliate Marketing Business that you are very comfortable with.


Step 1:  Choosing Your Business Field


hoose a Field for Your Onlilne Affiliate Marketing Business

Choosing Your Business Field

While each step in the process of How to Start in an Online Business is important in it’s own right, I believe that none is more important than Step 1:  Choosing Your Business Field. This is the entire foundation that your business is built on. Choosing the right Field is paramount, not only for success, but also for you to enjoy the entire process, from setting up your business to working your business and beyond.

Choosing Your Business Field is exactly like when you were a teenager and you were deciding on what career in life would be best for you. Your high school had it’s general required courses, which everyone had to take. You were offered a few different choices in some of those areas, but the general Field was already chosen for you; English, Math, Science, etc.

Then, there were the ‘elected’ courses, that each individual could choose from. You could choose from a list of varied offerings, the courses that you thought would be interesting to you. It may have been wood shop or auto mechanics or even home economics. These choices were offered to you so that you could ‘test the waters’, so to speak, to see what some of the basics were should you choose to move in that direction for a related career.

Even if you did not choose to follow any of these for your major career path, you would still learn some basic skills that would come in handy in life. You also, probably held down a few ‘test jobs’ when you were in your later teenage years; part-time jobs to kind of see what you might be interested in.

For a select few, the light bulb came on right away, and what you thought might interest you did. You knew right away that a career in that particular Field was right for you. I have a son that was like that. He took some auto body classes in high school, and was part of a co-op plan that allowed him to earn some school credits while working for an accredited related employer; in his case, an auto painting shop. He has worked in the automotive body repair field his entire life, thoroughly enjoying it and becoming quite the expert in his trade.

For me, things didn’t work that way. I really did not know what I wanted to do for a career in life until I turned 21 years old. In high school, I chose some ‘elected’ courses that interested me, which I did fairly well in, but was still not sure if I could see myself pursuing any of them as my career choice. I took wood working and auto mechanics, and while I enjoyed them both, I still could not see myself working in either of those Fields for the rest of my life. To see how I chose my career paths, you can visit my  About Me  page and read about my life’s journey.


Choosing Your Business Field will dictate the course that you will take, so that you can either gain the knowledge needed or use the knowledge that you have already acquired, in order to become successful in your Field of choice. Choose the right one, and you can begin an adventurous journey that will be filled with wonder and enjoyment. Choose the wrong one, and you will struggle, probably be bored out of your mind at times, and will probably, ultimately, fail to become successful in that Field. You will, no doubt, abandon your first choice and choose a different path along the way.

So, if you are one of the select few that already know the Field that you will be choosing for your Online Affiliate Marketing Business, that’s great. You can merely skim this section in order to confirm that you have made the right choice.

However, if you are amongst the majority, and are not quite sure what your choice is, then see my Post:  Help For Choosing Your Business Field.  In that post, I will provide you some information which may help you in determining the path that you should take.


Step 2:  Choosing Your Perfect Niche


Choose a Niche for your Online Affiliate Marketing Business

Choosing Your Perfect Niche

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Choosing Your Perfect Niche will be easier if you know exactly what a Niche is. A Niche is a small subset of the Field that you have chosen. You can not be all things to all people. You are wanting to become an expert in your given subset area. Do not build your site using the old adage:  ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’. In order to be really successful, you will need to convince your visitors that you really know what you are talking about in your posts and/or product reviews. You will need to build their trust by showing them that you are an expert in your chosen Niche.


Remember, smaller is bigger. If your Field is say, ‘Home Construction’, because it is a Field in which you have worked in or know a lot about, your Niche might be: ‘easy weekend projects for DIYers’. If your Field is ‘Diabetes’, because you have it or know several people who have it, your Niche might be: ‘best recipes for people with Diabetes’.

Niches are created by identifying needs, wants, and requirements that are being addressed poorly or not at all by your competitors, and developing and delivering goods or services to satisfy those needs, wants, and requirements of your target audience. You will want to concentrate all of your marketing efforts on a small but specific and well-defined segment of the population. Niche marketing is aimed at being a big fish in a small pond, rather than being a small fish in a big pond.

So, based on your chosen Field, you must choose a Niche. Just like your chosen Field, make sure that it is one that really interests you and that you can see yourself writing a lot about on a consistent basis for years, not just a few weeks. So, go ahead and choose your Niche.

If you need help in choosing your Niche, see my PostBest Niches – Affiliate Marketing.




You Are on Your Way to Creating Your Online Affiliate Marketing Business!


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