Best Way to Make Money Online

Online Affiliate Marketing Business

Best Way to Make Money Online


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Online Affiliate Marketing Business

Online Affiliate Marketing Business


Way to Make Some Quick Cash Online


There are many different ways to make money online. If you only need a few bucks to a few hundred bucks, and need to make the money fast, then I would suggest selling your unwanted possessions on eBay, Amazon, or some similar site. This is not what I consider to be the Best Way to Make Money Online, but it is a fairly quick and easy way to make some quick cash. Unless you are liquidating huge collections of popular collectibles, or are hugely downsizing a large Home to move into an apartment, you will quickly run out of personal possessions that you no longer want or need. So, while it a fairly simple way to gain a few quick dollars, it is not usually sustainable. However, if this is what you think is something that you would like to try, simply visit any of the sites that offer this type of venue, and they will all have tutorials that will walk you through their program.


Work for Someone Else or Become Self-Employed


I believe that whether you are working in a regular job for someone else, in business for yourself, or interested in learning the Best Way to Make Money Online, the basic criteria is the same. You:

    • Find something that you are interested in, or at least, feel that you can make sufficient income at, and either apply for the job or start your own business.
    • Either get hired or begin your business.
    • Get up, get ready, and head to work.
    • Do the best job that you can, each and every day, to either advance within the company that hired you, build your business, or move on to something better.
    • Perform week after week, year after year, collecting your rewards as you go. You either put a portion of your income into a 401K or other retirement account, in order to have a nest egg when it is time for you to retire, or you eventually sell your business, hopefully, for a nice profit.


If you choose the route of working for someone else, the majority or your efforts are benefiting your employer. Sure, you are getting paid for your efforts, but are you going to get the most pay for your time spent? While you are making your 5 or 6 figure annual income, if the company you are working for is at least moderately successful, your employer is probably making 7 and 8 figures at least.

When you choose the route of working for yourself, the majority of the profits stay in your pocket, because you are the boss. It is your company, and the purpose is to make money. If you are at least moderately successful in business, then that 7 or 8 figure income will be yours. Every job and every business requires work. So why not get the most bang for your time spent? Would you rather see someone else be successful or be successful yourself?


Advantages of an Online Business


Most people are not in the position of simply being able to quit their current job and start their own business. So, how can you easily make the transition? Simple: start your own business part-time. Work at it during the hours that you are not working your regular job, and when you begin earning more with your business than you do at your regular job, you can quit your job, and continue to build your business.

Yes, holding down a full-time and a part-time job at the same time can be difficult at times, but who ever said that being successful was easy? You will need to do the work to get there. However, once you do get there, you will be amazed at how good it feels.

While you can certainly attempt to do this with a regular type of business, such as a trade, it will rather difficult, especially if you have a family. You will be away from Home most of the time, except to eat and sleep, and will be away from your family most of the time. Not an environment that will usually work for very long. Also, certain businesses are not conducive to certain conditions. For instance, let’s say you wanted to start your own Landscape business while you work a regular 9 – 5 job. You get off from your regular job at 5:00 p.m. and get home around 5:30 or 6:00. You eat a quick dinner, load up your truck with the tools that you need and head out to work your Landscape business. It’s now about 7:00 or later. It gets dark around 8:30, so you have about an hour and a half to get your work done. Not much time. If you decide to wait until the weekend to work your Landscape business, what if it rains? Grrrr…. See what I mean?

So, what can you do? Start a business online. Most of us have a computer. If you do not, you will definitely need one. You can not conduct an online business very easily from your smart phone. So what are the advantages to starting an online business compared to the Landscape business scenario discussed previously?


Some of the advantages to making money with your own online business are as follows:

  1. First of all, you will not need to commute to your second job. Once you are Home, you are already at work. This will give you more time to actually work.
  2. Secondly, you will not be away from Home during your part-time online job. If you are needed for an emergency or simply to be able to help out, you will be there.
  3. Working from Home will save you a lot of money, not spending money on things like: business attire, transportation, day care or babysitters, etc.
  4. Start up costs are minimal. If you have a computer, you are well on your way.
  5. You can choose the hours and days that you will work. Work as much or as little as you desire. However, the more you are able to work, the faster that you can build your business into a successful venture.
  6. Your choice of business is nearly unlimited. You can choose to sell your own custom products, sell someone else’s products, participate in Affiliate Programs, do drop-shipping, etc.
  7. Depending on the type of business that you choose to be in, once you are well-established, your income will be generated 24 – 7, all from the comfort of your own Home or wherever you choose to work from.
  8. If you build a brand and a successful business online, you can one day sell it for a nice profit and pursue another venture if you so desire.


So, what is the Best Way to Make Money Online? That’s next…


Best Way to Make Money Online


In my opinion, the Best Way to Make Money Online is with Affiliate Marketing. It is long term sustainable, and you do not need to be an accomplished author or a computer whiz in order to succeed. You simply need to be able to follow simple, Step-by-Step Instructions, write consistently at an 8th grade or better level, and have some basic computer skills; nothing fancy.


If you want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing, see my PostHow To – Affiliate Marketing for Beginners


The first thing that you will need to do is connect with a company that will teach you everything that you need to know about Affiliate Marketing, including: building a website, choosing a Host, choosing a Field and a Niche, writing good, interesting content that will rank well on Google and in other search engines, adding pictures and videos, using social media, etc.

Where can you find such a company? I will point you in the right direction, next…


Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate  offers, by far, the best training for those wishing to start an Online Affiliate Marketing Business. They will take you Step-by-Step through the process with their training, teaching you how to become truly successful in this business.

You can begin your training there for FREE, getting your feet wet in order to see if this is truly for you. They offer you (2) FREE websites, along with FREE Hosting for those sites. They will teach you how to set up your website, and how to get started in this business.

Once you get through the first 10 Lessons in the training, you will have the opportunity to upgrade to their Premium version at a reduced cost of only $19.00 for the first month. This will open up a whole lot of additional training, all of which is needed in order for you to succeed. They will also offer you many, many, extras, like:

    • Up to (50) websites, all with FREE Hosting
    • Live Chat, which offers you one-on-one mentoring from many experienced entrepreneurs
    • Excellent Support, to take care of any problems that you might experience
    • And a whole lot more.


I have been a Premium member at  Wealthy Affiliate  for nearly (2) years now, and have really learned a lot. I did not even know what Affiliate Marketing was before I found them. I was simply searching for legitimate ways to make good money online, when I stumbled upon them. I have never regretted it. I currently have (2) productive websites and continue to work on them daily.


My (2) sites are:

  1.  where I teach people how to build a successful Online Affiliate Marketing Business and work it from their own Home.
  2.  where I instruct people on all types of Home Repairs and Maintenance.


Please take the time to check out my sites, as well as  Wealthy Affiliate.


Also, please leave a Comment or ask a Question in the Comments section below.


Thank you,

CJ Dodaro


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