Best Accounting Software for a Small Business

Create your own Accounting System

Best Accounting Software for a Small Business


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Create your own Accounting System

Accounting Software

The Best Accounting Software for a Small Business can be quite expensive, but do you really need it? Why not simply create your own Accounting System? It’s really rather easy, and it will be customized to your specific business. Most small businesses do not need complex software to create and keep their Books. Once you devise a system and work with it daily, it will all quickly fall into place.


Even if you have never created a Spreadsheet before, if you follow my training, it will be easy for you to create your own customized Bookkeeping System. I will walk you through, Step-by-Step and teach you how to create your own Books, create Spreadsheet Templates that you can use year after year, and show you how to get the most Tax Deductions if you are running your business out of your Home.


My Training


I have created Training that will take you from the beginning to the end of completely setting up your business from scratch and learning how to run it efficiently. If you are just starting your own business, then, I strongly suggest that you start at the beginning of my Training, go thru each post Step-by-Step, and fully understand everything that you learn there before moving on to the next Step in the Training.

If you are already up and running, and are only interested in the Accounting portion for now, then, see my Phase 2 Training. Everything pertinent to what you need will be found there. You can always go back and review any other Training at your convenience.


You can view all of my available Training by visiting my page:  How to Start in an Online Business – Table of Contents.  The content is broken down into Phases as follows:


Phase 1 – Setup Your Website


This Phase of Training will teach you how to:

    • Choose the right Field and Niche for your business
    • Choose and purchase a Domain Name
    • Choose the right Hosting
    • Choose the right theme for your online presence
    • Set up a Domain Specific Email Address.


Phase 2 – Setup Your Business


Here, I will teach you how to:

    • Set up a Home Business
    • Choose the proper Business Structure
    • Set Up Your Home Office
    • Understand Bookkeeping Basics
    • Benefit from Tax Deductions for a Home Office
    • Create Spreadsheets and Templates
    • Create a Business Plan.


Phase 3 – Make Your Website Come to Life


In this Phase, I will show you how to:

    • Create a Logo for your business
    • Create Menus for your site
    • Create great Content that will Rank well in the search engines
    • Add Images to your Content.
    • Set up Google Analytics and learn to use it.
    • Join  Wealthy Affiliate


Phase 4 – Additional Training & Money Management


Phase 4 Training is all about Social Media and Money Management. I will teach you:

    • How to set up a business account on various popular Social Media sites
    • The best ways to benefit from Social Media
    • The best ways to manage your Money, once you start making some.


My Table of Contents page:  How to Start in an Online Business – Table of Contents  contains links to each specific piece of Training, to make it easy for you to get to the Training that you are interested in. Simply click on any of the Training links to be directed to that specific post in the Training.


You can also ask Questions in the Comments section of any of my posts, for anything that you might not understand or are having an issue with. I will respond in a timely fashion and attempt to answer any Questions that you might have.


After reviewing my Training, I believe that you will see, that creating your own Accounting System is rather easy, and will better provide you the Books that are tailor-made for your particular needs. You do not need to spend your money on Accounting Software. Although it may seem a little time-consuming in the beginning, the end result will save you time and money in the long run.


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Best of Luck in All That You Do!


Thank you,

CJ Dodaro


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